Finally Finished (For Now)

We’re finally finished! We’re done with painting the exterior trim on our house (a switch from tan to white). We did it partially to protect the wood, since the old paint had started chipping and peeling in many places. But we also did it to spruce up the look of our house.

It took more courage and perseverance than I originally estimated.

I hung out of windows and climbed to the top of our 40′ extension ladder to reach some pretty tricky spots. I went out early in the morning and stayed out late into the evening to avoid sweltering conditions in the middle of a heat wave that started about a week after we started the project. I worked with a slow, steady hand, when it seemed like things were going nowhere. And finally, after perhaps 70 or 80 hours of labor (not to mention all of the work that Marci added to the project), the job is finished.

At least for now.

We actually still want to paint the exterior trim on the detached shed at the end of our driveway. And we also want to do some more imaginative repainting of our front porch (not just merely covering up all the tan with white). But these can wait until we have some cooler weather. And until we’ve gotten a chance to rest up after the big project.

Marci enjoys home improvement projects. She likes to watch home improvement television shows. She asks for power tools for her birthday. The projects themselves can be tiring and frustrating, of course, but overall it’s fun for her. Not so much for me. Even so, I really enjoyed the feeling that washed over me as I finished the last coat of the last pane of the last window on the west side of our house this morning. It felt surprisingly similar to the feeling that comes with finishing a hard-fought road race, like a 10K or a Marathon.

The race itself was hard. But it feels great to be finished.

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