Over the Line in Orangeville

It took over an hour to drive to Orangeville. But we broke up the journey. Namely, we stopped at the Short Stop Diner — in Center of the World — to get some take-out food. And it was actually kind of fun. Until we had to wake Cor up from his motion-induced nap in the back seat.

After the initial grumpiness faded, however, we were able to complete our mission: To stand in the middle of Orangeville Road in Orangeville, Ohio. It’s not a particularly beautiful road, nor is it a particularly beautiful town. But it’s special for one key reason. Orangeville Road just so happens to be a part of the border between Ohio and Pennsylvania.

So we could stand — as long as there was no oncoming traffic — with one leg in Ohio and one leg in Pennsylvania. We played some games where we jogged along the state line until the person at the back of the line shouted either “Ohio!” or “Pennsylvania!” and then raced to see who could touch the grass on the other side of the road first. We posed for pictures by a state sign. And then we drove the 70 minutes back to Kent.

Why would we do something so silly? Well… Because it’s there! And because our Monday afternoon “Special Thing” happened to fall on a cold, rainy day. The weather kept us from hiking or playing outside. COVID-19 kept us from movie theaters and museums and cafes. But with a car, some musical entertainment on my smartphone, and a gimmicky destination, we actually had a lovely afternoon together.

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