Introduction to the Psalms

The Psalms, Week One from H2O Church Kent State on Vimeo.

As the COVID-19 crisis started unfolding and society started to shut down, our church felt compelled to focus on simplicity and small-scale spiritual formation. At the time, we wrote: “The current situation provides us with opportunities to get back to the essence of the Christian life. We don’t need an elaborate production or a highly-skilled team of musicians to worship the Lord. We don’t need 35-minute monologues from professional preachers to learn new things from the Word of God. We don’t need a crowd of hundreds to experience fellowship in the Spirit. In fact, Jesus explicitly told his followers that, ‘where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them’ (Matthew 18:20).”

As weeks have stretched into months, however, we’ve started experimenting with different ways to stimulate that small-scale spiritual formation. We’ve supplemented that simplicity with strategic support in the form of monthly Zoom Reunions and weekly video exhortations from a member of our Teaching Team.

We still haven’t started our own Sunday-morning live-stream (though we do encourage our people to tune into the live-stream put out each week by H2O Bowling Green). We haven’t gone the route of drive-in gatherings either, like we’ve seen some other churches doing. But this week — as we turn to a new month of encouraging our church to study the Psalms individually, in small (3-5 person groups), and through our ongoing weekly videos — we decided to try add in a couple of prerecorded worship songs. As the representative of the Teaching Team, I also try to catalyze communal study of the Psalms with some very practical tips.

Even so, I feel like we’re still dialing in our rhythms and routines for the coming summer months. We’d love prayer support and feedback for the steps that we’re taking — so please let me know if you have thoughts to share. In any event, we keep carrying on month-by-month, walking by faith until God makes it clear what comes next.

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