It was a beautiful morning for a “race” — albeit a completely self-devised event, at a distance that is not particularly popular in the running community (in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of anyone else ever running a “Three-Quarters Marathon” before).

It took me about thirty minutes to drive myself approximately 19.755 miles to the site of a former train station called Jeddo. I know the distance so precisely because my original plan for this event was to run straight from Jeddo back to my home in Kent. The railroad that used to run through Jeddo has been converted to a “Hike & Bike” trail, so it was a convenient place (and helpful spot to park) to start a long run through the countryside.

I ran alone / together with Grace and Mark. We sorted ourselves by anticipated pace and staggered our starts by a minute (as a precaution in the time of COVID-19). So it really did end up being a solitary endeavor. And there was very little spirit of competition among us. But meeting at the trail-head did make our three-quarters marathon feel a little bit more like a race.

The spectators were geese and goslings, horses and foals, sheep and lambs, Amish families going about their Saturday morning chores, and motorists on the roadways (especially gangs of Jeeps and Corvettes).

The countryside was beautiful but unfamiliar, so I got lost a couple of times. But it was hard to complain with such lovely weather and such lovely scenery.

I don’t know what comes next. It seems like all road races will have to be self-devised for the foreseeable future. I briefly though about ramping up for a COVID-26.2 (full marathon), now that I’ve completed the COVID-13.1 and the COVID-19.755. But that honestly feels like a bit too much. We’ll see. For now, I’m going to enjoy the afterglow of my run from Jeddo to Garrettsville to Nelson to Parkman to Hiram to Jeddo.

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