Great Oaks

OC LG Reflections on Isaiah 61:1-4

In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks
that the Lord has planted for his own glory.

Isaiah 61:3

We decided to reflect on Isaiah 61:1-4 this week. Me and the other leaders and students of the H2O Off-Campus Life Group. We wanted to find — and forge — beauty in the midst of the chaos that’s recently engulfed us. So we challenged each other to create art from Scripture.

I thought it would be a helpful outlet for the people in our Life Group. But I honestly didn’t expect it to be all that meaningful to me, personally. God has really met me in prayer and meditation, though, and I’ve felt enriched by this challenge. Last Friday’s post “To all who mourn in a place of struggling with God” was one outcome of the process, focusing in on Isaiah 61:3. And today, I felt drawn to the second half of the same verse.

This time of solitude and stillness has created ideal growing conditions for our souls. If we can truly trust God through these trying times, we can put down roots that will sustain a lifetime of growth. Today, I felt like God showed me the possibilities for groves of great oaks that are being planted for God’s own glory.

I’m hoping and praying in that direction today.

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