Believe it or not: I ran a half-marathon this morning!

It wasn’t a USATF certified course, and it was very different from most of the other half-marathons I’ve run because all large-scale events have been cancelled due to the COVID-13.1 pandemic.

But this was supposed to be race weekend for my friend, Tyler.

Our friend Grace had also conceived the idea to organize virtual running events through her initiative #DistanceForGood (with “race fees” benefitting organizations helping to combat the COVID-19 pandemic).

So I decided to join them, along with another friend and regular Saturday-morning running partner, Mark.

And we all ran 13.1 miles together this morning — “Keeping the Distance, Going the Distance.”

It was fun! It was nice to get out of the house. The scenery between Kent, Streetsboro, Hudson, and Stow was surprisingly beautiful, with rolling hills, farm fields, and grazing alpacas. We enjoyed good conversation along the way. And we actually managed to avoid most of the rain and all of the thunderstorms that were passing through the area this morning.

I’m still trying to figure out where to send my “race fees” (suggestions are welcome)… but probably something like the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank or the Haven of Portage County. In any event, I’m glad for running and glad for friends.

(NOTE: Grace made the amazing Finishers’ Photos featured in this post. Nice to have a designer as a part of the group!)

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