Half-Marathon of the Month Club

It’s not exactly a New Year’s Resolution because its scope is longer than this year. But I’ve been thinking of a new quest: completing a half-marathon for every month of the calendar. The half-marathon is my favorite racing distance. It’s just hard enough that training for such a race is a multi-month challenge, but it’s not so hard that the preparation for it takes over one’s life. And because I like the distance so much, I’ve been running an average of two half-marathons per year for several years now. It also just so happened that my last few races added three new months to my “collection,” putting me within striking distance of “completing the set.”

So I’m starting to experience the thrill of the quest and looking to find obscure marathons in less-than-ideal times of the year to “complete the set” eventually. Maybe in 2020, maybe in 2021. Here’s what my “set” looks like at the start of this year:

  • January: Currently registered for the Run to Read Half-Marathon in Fairmont, West Virginia, this Saturday: January 11, 2020.
  • February: Still looking for a race to complete the quest!
  • March: Still looking for a race to complete the quest!
  • April: Toledo Glass City Half-Marathon (4/22/18), Fools 25K Trail Race (4/22/17), Fools 25K Trail Race (4/2/16)
  • May: Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon (5/3/15), Pittsburgh Half-Marathon (5/4/14), Cleveland Half-Marathon (5/19/13)
  • June: Estes Park Half-Marathon (6/19/16)
  • July: Longmont Half-Marathon (7/4/19), Ironman 70.3 Ohio (7/28/19)
  • August: Still looking for a race to complete the quest!
  • September: Akron Half-Marathon (9/27/14), Hall of Fame City Challenge in Canton (9/8/13)
  • October: Columbus Half-Marathon (10/16/16), Buckeye Half-Marathon (10/25/15)
  • November: Ohio Amish Country Half-Marathon (11/25/17), Philadelphia Half-Marathon (11/22/15)
  • December: Sandusky Santa Hustle Half-Marathon (12/9/18)

I’m pretty hopeful about finding a decent race in August (though, honestly, the weather at that time of the year will likely be more miserable for me than the winter months). But it’s not so easy to find half-marathons within a reasonable distance for January, February, and March! I’ve found one in West Virginia for this month (as indicated above — and ironically, it looks like the weather will be warmer than some of the May races I’ve done). I’m really not sure if my body would be able to handle half-marathons in three consecutive months. But I might give it a try.

Seriously, though, if you have any leads for interesting races in these months, please let me know! We’ll see how much I can accomplish in 2020!

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