The Insights Gleaned from Spotify Summaries

Spotify is sneaky-smart in the way it’s established itself. The product itself is grounded in slick engineering. But they’re also super-savvy with the way they handle the social media dynamics of their user interface. They’ve got sharp visuals to accompany their broad library of sounds.

I’m seriously impressed by the way they’ve planted themselves in popular culture. And on my Instagram Stories feed today.

A lot of the people I follow on Instagram have been posting summaries like the ones featured here. They’re colorful, quick little nuggets of data that feel surprisingly-insightful. Music touches on something deep within us. Consequently, personalities pop through these little infographics. I notice trends that highlight both differences and similarities between my friends. I smile to notice the things that listening patterns reveal about others — and about myself.

Of all the information contained in my “2019 Wrapped,” I felt most pleased with the one above, shared as though Spotify was talking directly to me with the text: “You were genre-fluid. You refused to let one sound define you.” They might say that to everyone, I suppose. But I still like the idea that I listen to different sorts of artists from different eras. It feels like the most insightful thing about me revealed by today’s summaries.

What do your Spotify summaries say about you? Why do you choose to share (or not share) those insights? I think these summaries could make for some interesting conversations over the coming days and weeks.

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