Frozen II

I took my kids to see Frozen II this afternoon. It wasn’t high on our “Must See” list, but the dreary gray day seemed ideally suited for the $5 ticket-plus-popcorn special at our local theater. I saw the first Frozen movie under similar circumstances, and I was pleasantly surprised by its concept and execution. So I hoped for a similar experience with this film.

I wasn’t disappointed by the movie. I’d even say it was a genuinely enjoyable cinematic experience. But personally, I don’t think it lived up to the first movie (as sequels rarely do).

My main complaint with the movie is its convoluted plot. Even as I try to think how to write things down, I get confused. Were Elsa and Anna trying to bring harmony to the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water? Were they trying to find out what happened to their parents when they went missing at sea so many years previous? Were they trying to bring peace to factions that had been warring for decades? I never fully understood what their mission was, and I was even more confused by how they managed to complete their mission. I know that the love between the sisters was important, and it actually moved me to tears in a couple of scenes. Still, I didn’t really understand the story this movie was trying to tell.

Even so, there were definitely things to like about this movie. The animation was breath-taking (I especially admired the horse that represented the element of water). The landscapes of the movie reminded me of Iceland, the Scottish Highlands, and the high plains of Wyoming and Montana (some of my favorite places on earth). The 1984-style power ballad sung by Christoff was delightful, and all the music was great, really. I wasn’t bored at any moment throughout the film.

All that being said, I probably won’t take the time to see it again. My kids are already aged out of the target demographic, and we’re not a die-hard Disney family, anyway. Still, it was better than trying to get the kids to hike through the freezing mist on a Monday afternoon.

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