What’s to Gain from Grumbling?

We Ohioans love to complain about the weather. November makes it easy to complain, with its colder temperatures and shorter hours of daylight. A couple of snowfalls this week have prompted even further fussing… But I went out for a run this morning, with the landscape shrouded in the first snow cover of the season, and as I ran my mind started drifting towards the poetic. When I got back to my house, I jotted down a few quick couplets (#StravaStanzas):

A thought precipitated
as I ran out through the white.

I could decide to hate it.
I could choose fear, flight, or fight.

Or I could celebrate it,
And in the snow delight.

Seriously, though, there is beauty in this time of the year. And honestly, there’s not much we can do about the weather anyway. The climate conditions will persist, regardless our attitude. We can choose to grumble about it, or we can choose to enjoy it.

So I’m trying to enjoy the beautiful things about the snow, and the gray skies, and the frosty air. It would be an awfully long wait until April, if I’m just gritting my teeth and bearing it between now and then.

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