2009 >>> 2019

Our Family in 2019

As we come up on the end of a decade, it’s natural to look back and see how much has happened in the last ten years.

Asp Family - Portrait
Our Family in 2009

With this particular decade that’s drawing to a close, it’s become popular — especially on social media — to post a picture of oneself from 2009 and a picture of oneself from 2019.

Me in 2019

For me, though, it feels like there are so many “self”s from which to choose! And honestly, I feel like myself is the least interesting of them all.

Me in 2009

Marci hasn’t changed much, either.

Marci in 2019
Eric and Marci - All Eyes on Marci
Marci in 2009

Our children, however, demonstrate much more dramatic differences!

Elliot in 2019
Asp 255
Elliot in 2009
Olivia in 2019
Olivia's 5th Birthday - Birthday Throne
Olivia in 2009

Cor’s transformation over the last decade has been the greatest — from Age 2 to Age 12 — so it was the hardest to choose a comparison photo for him (so many cute options from which to choose).

Cor in 2019
Cor in 2009

In addition to the members of our nuclear family, it was fun to look back through old photos and see the differences in our church community from 2009 to the present.

Our Church Community (H2O Kent) in 2019
Our Church Community (Amsterdam50) in 2009
Our Church (H2O Kent) Staff Team in 2019
Last Staff Meeting with Todd - Group Portrait
Our Church (Amsterdam50) Staff Team in 2009
Our Small Group Community (H2O “Life Group”) in 2019
Home (Improvement) Group
Our Small Group Community (A50 “Home Group”) in 2009

I’m very thankful for both the past and the present that I get to observe this Thanksgiving.

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