Homecoming 2019

Our household sent two teenagers to the Kent Theodore Roosevelt High School Homecoming Dance last night: sophomore Olivia and senior Elliot.

Olivia went with a group of friends (and friends of friends). They had a hard time getting everyone on the same page about dinner plans — so half of the group went to a Mexican restaurant, and the other half of the group (including Olivia) went to a Chinese restaurant. They all met up again at the school for the dance.

School dances are a strange mix of formality, pageantry, and adolescent awkwardness — but I appreciate the opportunity to see my kids grow up, along with their peers.

Elliot took a date this year: a young woman named Kaylie, from the year below him in school.

They went with her brother, Nathan, and his girlfriend, Anna. So Marci and I met at Kaylie’s and Nathan’s house for pre-Homecoming pictures. We made small talk with Kaylie’s parents — much like we did a half-hour earlier with the parents and grandparents of Olivia’s friends — and we took pictures of different collections of people from different angles.

Elliot’s group went out to dinner at Taco Bell (not joking). And then, after the dance, they went back and hung out at Kaylie’s and Nathan’s house.

I’m proud of the way Olivia and Elliot are navigating life, including school dances. They were both out quite late, but I didn’t worry about anything except for two of Olivia’s friends who were at odds with each other earlier in the week and the funny way that Elliot’s tie kept skewing to his right.

If you want to see more pictures from the evening, check out my Flickr account.

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