Click with the Klunkes

We were married within a year of each other: Marci and me, Michelle and Mike. We went on staff with the same missions agency within a year of each other.

We each had our first child within a year of each other: Gillian and Elliot…

We each had our second child within a year of each other: Nathalie and Olivia…

And yes (the attentive reader probably saw this coming), we each had our third child within a year of each other: Luke and Cor…

There’s just a level of symmetry between our families that’s rare in our circles. And besides the circumstantial symmetry, we’ve just really come to love our friends: Mike, Michelle, Gillian, Nathalie, and Luke Klunke.

They love Jesus. They love collegiate ministry. They’re great listeners, story-tellers, game-players, fly-fishers, sports-fans, and ministry-practitioners.

We’ve appreciated every opportunity we’ve gotten to do life and ministry together: in Orlando, Amsterdam, Kent — and especially Estes Park. We hope that this summer won’t be the last time we’ll get to do this; still, with kids starting to graduate and go off to college, we don’t take summers like this for granted, either. For however long it lasts, we’re grateful for our click with the Klunkes.

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