A Very Emotional Sunday

Yesterday was a very emotional Sunday.

In the morning, I played a leadership role for H2O’s worship gathering, which might have been labeled our “Transition Sunday.” A quality class of Kent State University students is set to graduate at the end of this week. My co-pastor Matthew and his family are transferring to H2O Bowling Green this summer. So we felt it was important to filter all this transition through the lens of God’s goodness and glory… It was a great time of worship and community. Still, it was an emotional experience.

In the afternoon, we organized an informal party in the park to officially bid farewell to the McClure Family. It was a lovely afternoon in Kent, and it felt cathartic to share stories of our friends who have played such a key role through the first eleven years of our church’s history. At the same time, it felt like an emotional endurance event. I noticed that I started to feel irritable and on-edge as the afternoon wore on.

In the evening, we ended with a celebration for the student-leaders who meet in our home for Life Group Coaching every week. Again, there was a heavy emphasis on story-telling, reflecting on everything God did this school year. We took special time to affirm the graduating seniors from our group. And we posed for a couple of group portraits. It was a lovely way to end a lovely year with a lovely group of people. But I was emotionally-exhausted by the end of it.

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