Snapping out of the Spring Slump

The Well - Spring 2019

We’re pulling out of our Spring Slump, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Every year, I become convinced that our church has entered a death spiral. It usually happens in late-February or early-March. Attendance at H2O ministry activities drops by 25 to 35 percent. Morale and motivation seem to dip even further, among both staff and students. The winter weather seems like it’s never going to let up. It’s not the most enjoyable time for collegiate ministry. At the same time, I’ve learned to take some solace from the fact that it occurs in predictable intervals.

We’ve taken to calling it the Spring Slump.

It’s surprisingly helpful to identify and categorize such a phenomenon. Other ministry workers at Kent State University (and on other college campuses) have corroborated the existence of this Spring Slump. Academic instructors at Kent State University confirm a similar drop in energy and enthusiasm. And as much as we all seem to despair when the Spring Slump rolls around, we’ve all learned to take heart from the fact that it’s not permanent.

Our numbers were up again at our H2O ministry activities this weekend. There is a growing sense of enthusiasm about Spring Break (next week!). We’re looking forward to the Home Stretch that runs from the end of Spring Break to the beginning of Final Exams. There’s been more sun in the sky recently, and the crocuses are starting to peek out. It feels good to be snapping out of the Spring Slump.

Last night, H2O Kent celebrated the “graduation” of another class of students who made it through the seven-week discipleship experience we call The Well. Words of affirmation and exhortation flowed freely. Students shared stories of their experiences with H2O, and we were all reminded that God has been doing some amazing things — even during the Spring Slump! I felt very encouraged to be a part of the Closing Ceremonies for The Well, and I look forward to seeing what God will do with the rest of this semester, now that we’re (hopefully) past the Spring Slump.

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