Blair Atholl

My brother and I made it to the Scottish Highlands! Shortly after driving into Cairngorms National Park, we parked our camper-van and walked to a castle, and then decided to keep going up into the hills.

The hills climbed gently through pastures and forests. Even though it felt very remote, the way was marked with two very clear tracks. We climbed one of the hills (we later learned it was called Fair Bhuide) to take in a view of the castle and valley behind us — as well as some of the more imposing, snow-capped mountains beyond.

We basically walked until we got hungry, and then we turned around — reaching the castle again around sunset. Mist hung in the valley, softening the light and making for a beautiful scene to remember our first full day in Scotland.

We finished with a meal at the Atholl Arms Hotel. There were a few other guests, mostly older Scottish couples who seemed to just be out for the evening or an overnight. The food wasn’t amazing, but it was satisfying. A satisfying conclusion to a satisfying day.

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