Twinning is Winning

Why is “twinning” so fun?

I’ve noticed and enjoyed the phenomenon since I was a kid. My brother and I would dress identically in an attempt to confuse people, and I suppose it was just silly childhood amusement. But I wonder if there’s something more fundamental at play. Why do we recognize and rejoice in repeating patterns (especially when they’re unintentional)?

Is twinning a sort of social reassurance in the face of insecurity? Like, “I can’t be all that weird or bad, if someone else has chosen to wear the same sort of clothing that I chose for today.” A kind of primal herd mentality? Is it a divine reminder that we’re not just creatures of blind, random chance? That there is some Intelligent Design at work in our universe, just as there is in our wardrobe selection? Or is it just a fondness for pattern recognition in the human brain?

I honestly don’t know the reasons why we say that “Twinning is winning,” but it’s been fun to notice and document several instances in the last week.

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