Quick Reference Guide to Bad-Asp Points for Running

I’ve written at length about my system of “Bad-Asp” Points for Running, but for those who would appreciate a quick reference guide, I’ve assembled a table that summarizes everything as concisely as possible.

You can remember the categories with the acronym, “I’M SO BAD ASP!

(blisters, blackened toenails, chafing, frostbite, etc.)
15 points each
(every mile beyond the 3-7 mile threshold)
3 points per mile
Surface Conditions
(trail, snow, ice, etc.)
10 points
(ice beard, mud splatter, etc.)
25 points
(any bleeding or oozing wound)
25 points each
(every 25′ of gain beyond 300′ threshold)
1 pt. per 25′
(every 10 min. pre-sunrise or post-sunset)
1 pt. per 10 min.
Atmospheric Conditions
(for every degree Fahrenheit, including wind chill or
heat index, outside of the 35-75° threshold)
1 pt. per degree
Slips and Falls
(getting knocked off one’s feet by surface conditions)
10 points each
(any steady, unpleasant precipitation,
at any temperature)
10 points

Today, I earned 97 Bad-Asp Points for Running! How about you?

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