A Peek at the Peak

I love the way that the window over our backyard gets turned into a stained glass window every autumn. It seems to me like the “peak color” of our fall foliage arrived a bit later than usual this year… But it arrived this weekend — and man, was it spectacular!

I got to get some extended time with God on Friday, walking around West Branch State Park. It was kind of misty and rainy, but even so the fall foliage was beautiful to behold, with such a wide spectrum of color throughout the forest.

On Saturday, the weather cleared a little and created space for further enjoyment.

I got to go for a group run in the afternoon, down one of my favorite roads in the area (Lake Rockwell Road) — and it just felt like a privilege to be able to run, to run with friends, and to run with friends through such lovely fall scenery.

And then today (Sunday), the sun came out in force — electrifying all the colors as we gathered for worship on campus.

Our family went to take some family portraits immediately following the worship gathering, and conditions for the photo shoot could hardly have been more perfect.

After going home and grabbing a late lunch, I spent the weekend’s last four hours of daylight out in my yard: putting away garden hoses and deck furniture, blowing leaves from the deck and driveway to be mulched in the yard and laid into the garden beds — preparing everything for the winter.

I know that it may not sound ideal to everyone: hiking in the rain… long-distance running… and the hours of yard work… But I actually feel like it’s been a wonderful weekend.

With a good bit of rain and wind in the forecast for the coming week, the peak probably won’t last very long. But I was glad to be able to make the most of it, while it lasted.

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