Weekend in Bowling Green

It’s always fun to go back to Bowling Green. It’s the place where I went to college. It’s the place where I experienced a spiritual transformation. It’s the place where our family got started. And it’s a place where there are still a long of people, places, and things I love.

But it was more fun than I expected to travel back to Bowling Green for the “Blitz Conference” they host. The content was solid. But even more than the session and workshops, I appreciated the opportunity to build community among the staff and students who came from Kent. And it was even more encouraging than I expected to connect with others from the H2O Network and observe the synergy, vision, and passion that gets stirred in a weekend like this.

We’ve got our hands full, as each of our churches transitions into its busiest outreach season of the year. But it feels exciting to know that we’re doing it together.

God’s love compels us to action (2 Corinthians 4). At times like this, it’s really valuable to be reminded that it’s a privilege that we get to be on mission with our best friends (v. 1-4). It’s all about God’s glory at this time of the year, not ours (v. 6). We’re merely vessels for God’s work (v. 7-10). We just have to let him speak through us (v. 11-14).

If you’re interested in joining up with our crew at Kent State University this fall, we’ve posted all our Welcome Week events on the H2O Events page. There’s even a link there to a sign-up form, if you want to officially volunteer. Let’s see what God will do this year!

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