Glimpses of H2O

I’m a big believer in the power of visual storytelling. It’s why I studied video production in college and spent much of the first several years of my ministry roaming around with a camera on my shoulder or sitting behind an editing console.

Unfortunately, I haven’t touched the stuff since I handed off all the professional equipment and moved to Amsterdam, almost 15 years ago. I’ve found other ways to tell beautiful stories and experience meaningful ministry.

But I’ve still got a soft spot for video production.

That’s why it’s been especially exciting to see one of the students from H2O Kent producing some high-quality video vignettes of our ministry in Kent. His name is Scott Pedersen, and I’m embedding video to two of his recent pieces: one about our Family Sunday celebration, back in mid-April, and one about our Thirsty Thursday Outreach in downtown Kent.

I share them in the hope that you will enjoy these stories as much as I do.

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