Writing Much

I haven’t written much lately because I’ve been writing so much lately — and also building up a cache of experiences about which I’ll eventually be able to write.

It’s been bad for the blog, I know. I only managed two posts for the entire month of May. This one is just my 29th post for the year. That’s less than half of what statistics indicate one should normally expect from any other five-month period in the history of my 10+ years of blogging. I feel guilty about that — though I know I shouldn’t. Who really cares about blogging, anyway?

I just hate to be a fizzler. I hope and expect that the fizzle isn’t permanent. Still… It makes me feel a little bit better to provide some explanation for myself.

Whatever writing energy I can muster these days is going into a collection of short stories about my years in Amsterdam. I’ve been calling it my Requiem for a Zolder. I’m up to about 65,000 words total, right now: 15 individual stories / chapters / episodes. I figure I’ve got another 10,000 words to go before I’m finished. I still haven’t determined if this book will be just for me, or for a wider audience. Either way, I’ve been very grateful for the opportunity to write out these memories.

The book has been one of the main outcomes of my sabbatical, which is quickly drawing to a close. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that my Requiem will not be completely finished by June 15th; still, I’m trying to finish strong. It’s reasonable to expect I could yet finish the project before the end of the summer. But we’ll see…

In addition to the writing the book, I haven’t been writing in this space because of life stuff. Family activity has increased greatly, towards the end of the sabbatical. Three sleepovers… Three endurance-sporting events… Two big moves… Two school field trips… Two graduations… One test for (Marci’s) admission to graduate school… And that’s just a sampling of the activities that have filled my days over the past month or so! Again: I’m very grateful that the sabbatical has created space for these things. But I’m also coming to the realization that I haven’t had much time or space to process all of the happenings.

I’m hopeful that things will even out over time. We’ll see…

If I get the chance, I’ll write about it.

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