Novemb, November, Novembest

Novembest Skies

Today is not just a November day. It’s the Novembest.

Gray skies, cool winds mixing the season’s first snows with rustling leaves along the sides of the roads, only the smallest remnants of yellows and browns hanging in the trees… It’s not the kind of day that one would typically describe as “beautiful,” but it has a charm of its own. Like the warm glow of a fever: simultaneously pleasant and unpleasant.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Both fevers and Novembers can be unpleasant to the extent that you have to move about and carry on normal business. But I find they can also be pleasant pleasant when you get to hunker down underneath a blanket and just ride the wave.

My heart can be pulled towards SADness in times like this, but today I’m feeling pretty good. Not just good, in fact; better. Actually, make that: Novembest.

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