Old Man Winter is Surprisingly Spry

I went to Florida for the first two weeks of February: partly for the opportunity to help train and equip a new class of GCM missionaries — but also partly in hopes of beating the winter blues. Sure enough, the sunshine and palm trees were quite therapeutic. But sadly, the therapeutic effects were quite temporary.

I had some vague hope that when we got back to Ohio, Spring would be gaining a foothold. Unfortunately, that hope was entirely unfounded. Not only has Old Man Winter persisted through our absence; he has stepped up his game. Last night, we got another 6-8 inches (15-20 centimeters) of snow. The piles of shoveled snow along our sidewalks and driveways are now about as tall as my children.

Current weather forecasts call for at least some of our snow to turn to slush over the next several days; still, it’s hard to wait for the end of this season. This winter feels like it’s been a particularly long one.

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