Summer Unicorns

I love it when my kids teach me new things about ancient stuff — like the Unicorn in captivity, recorded on a 16th Century tapestry. The image was created in the southern part of the Netherlands, where our family is actually planning to stay for several weeks this summer. So we’re all pretty excited for that: you know, potentially getting to see real-life unicorns and everything. Unless of course something has happened in the last 500 years…

Seriously, though,: it’s simultaneously strange and wonderful to have this relatively-new flow of information from the outside world, via my children and their network of books, classroom lessons, relationships, personal creativity, and whatnot. Up to this point in life, I’ve been more of the teacher and initiator. These days, however, it seems like things are shifting. My kids learn stuff from external sources, and they pass that along to me — even while I’m still passing things along to them.

Best of all is learning together. This morning, we did a bit of research on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Do you know what the seven wonders are? I actually only managed to correctly guess two of them. Four of the others felt like ones I should have known. One was totally unknown to me. My kids had to learn about all of them except for the Great Pyramid of Giza — so at least I’m still a little bit ahead of them on that learning curve.

I look forward to the years of learning ahead.

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