Running to Jesus — or — The Identity Statements and Miracles of Jesus

Running to Jesus

At yesterday’s H2O worship gathering, I started off my message with a brief story about last Sunday’s marathon — and then I explained how I decided to base the entirety of the afternoon’s message on the theme of “Running to Jesus,” employing a series of metaphors illustrating the way that the life of faith is like the running of a marathon. I even put some time into making the above title graphic for this supposed message.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep a straight face for the joke’s pay-off. But I enjoyed my own attempt at humor so much that I decided to post it here, too.

Seriously, though, I talked about the identity statements from the Gospel of John and the way that they’re remarkably paralleled by the miraculous signs from the Gospel of John, too. When I first learned of this connection a year and a half ago, I was blown away by the symbolism and symmetry — so in case anyone wanted to study the connections further, I thought I would link to a post I did around that time. You know: just a way for us to stimulate and encourage each other in our continual quest of running to Jesus.

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