Apples and Autumn

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Did you know that yesterday was Johnny Appleseed Day?!? I didn’t either. Until yesterday, when I visited Beckwith Orchards together with my kids.

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Johnny Appleseed was a missionary / naturalist who roamed the woodlands of Ohio (and elsewhere) in the first half of the 19th Century — scattering apple seeds and the Gospel wherever he went. I don’t know a great deal about his life, but he sounds like a very interesting character. I’d like to learn more about him, especially considering his ties to local history.

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Regardless of the local connection, though, there’s just something about autumn visits to apple orchards. Even when we were living in the Netherlands, we made a habit of visiting an area orchard almost every fall.

Unfortunately, we missed a year in 2012. We were still new to the Kent area, and we missed a lot of stuff. We didn’t know about Beckwith Orchards at that point — but even if we would have known about it, we may not have gotten to visit. We were just so overwhelmed with other things. We got little glimpses of Ohio’s autumnal glory, along the way last year. But in many ways, this actually feels like our first real fall as a family in America.

And what a spectacular season it is! Not only do we get the joys of visiting an apple orchard (and Beckwirth also happens to be one of the nicest I’ve experienced) — but we get murky-brown apple cider… papery, drying fields of corn, readying for the harvest… enormous orange pumpkins… and brilliantly-colored fall foliage (though this is still a few weeks out, in our case)…

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Don’t get me wrong: I enjoyed autumn in Amsterdam. But experiencing this season in Ohio is really something else. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

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So: Happy (belated) Johnny Appleseed Day! And Happy Fall.

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