Postcard from New York City

New York City - Times Square

We did it! We took a bite out of the Big Apple — New York City — yesterday! Loud, busy, beautiful, expensive, exciting, overwhelming… There really isn’t anyplace quite like it! Times Square… The Subway system… The Staten Island Ferry sailing past the Statue of Liberty… The 9/11 Memorial… Rockefeller Center… Broadway… Radio City Music Hall… The sites are so interwoven into the fabric of American popular culture that a walk through the city feels not unlike a pilgrimage. Even pushing our way through honking yellow-cabbed bumper-to-bumper traffic to get through the Lincoln Tunnel was like a rite of passage! It was, however, a wearisome, wide-eyed wandering for a bunch of Midwesterners like us. We’re genuinely glad we got to experience New York for ourselves, but we can’t deny that it was a bit uncomfortable at the same time. I’ve had the privilege of visiting quite a few great cities of the world in my time — but none of them intimidated and overwhelmed me in quite the same way that New York did this time around. Holding hands tightly, we made it through the crowds and eventually escaped, none the worse for wear. Still we can’t deny that an “escape” or a “survival” is exactly what it felt like.

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