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Staff Retreat 2013 004M

A new season of ministry is upon us at Kent State University! The new class of freshmen arrive at the end of next week — and between now and then we still have a lot of work to do in order for our ministry to be fully prepared. So what do we do to kick off this intensive period of planning and preparation? We spend a day at the beach, of course.

Staff Retreat 2013 049

It might sound counter-intuitive, but there’s actually a logic to it. Because ministry is such a highly relational activity, we prioritize personal connection among our leaders. Our team tends to spread out over the summer season: some on vacation, some raising support, some working at our summer Leadership Training program. So when this time of the year rolls around, we recognize a need to spend time together — both as friends and as colleagues.

Staff Retreat 2013 070CM

So today we drove up to one of our staff member’s family lake house and spent the day catching up with each other, eating a big meal together, and hanging out on the beach (some of us even getting the chance to ride jet skis out on the water). The next two days we’ll dig more into the business side of things — and we will definitely have our hands full for the next several days after that as well, until our students leaders return for a separate retreat next week.

Still it really does help to start with affirming the relationships. We really have a great team here at h2o, and I’m deeply honored to be partnered with these men and women.

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