Summer Reading

Summer Reading

A heavy backpack but a light heart… Tough decisions about which book to read first — and then which toppings to put on the personal pan pizzas purchased with the “Book it!”┬ácertificates awarded through the library’s summer reading program… Stories so compelling that they pulled me through the afternoon, through the evening (except for a painful separation interruption to eat dinner with my family),┬ápast bedtime and long into the night… The feeling of power that I felt when I was holding my very own library card… These are scattered associations of childhood summers spent reading. Great experiences.

Sadly there haven’t been so many of these sorts of experiences since I’ve grown up. College literature courses provided lots of similar “homework” — but of course it wasn’t the same. After college, I was genuinely burned out on reading for a good 3-5 years. By the time I started to re-engage with the literary world I was living in Amsterdam — where the Dutch books at the library were too toilsome and the English books were too few.

Today, though, I pulled in a marvelous haul of books from the library. At least I hope it will be marvelous. I’m three weeks away from our family’s big summer vacation, so I wanted to start scanning my options and stocking up on the good stuff. I like the looks of several of the books I managed to secure today — but I’m still very much open for recommendations. Anything else that I should look into for this summer?!?

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