One Year Later

Uitzwaaigroep 1

It’s been exactly one year since our family’s move from the Netherlands to Ohio. Things are still somewhat complicated when it comes to my relationship to Amsterdam — regardless, I can recognize that this has been a good year. Our family has ended up in a good place. The friends we left behind (thinking especially of our friends we knew from Amsterdam50) have ended up in good places. Through all the ups and downs of managing the transitions of the last year, I’ve grown in confidence that God is good.

I would have expected myself to have a lot more thoughts to share on an occasion such as this. But I don’t. I’m not going to force it. I just want to make sure that this anniversary of our family’s move doesn’t go unnoticed. We’ve been significantly affected by our years in Amsterdam, by the transition we experienced between Amsterdam and Kent, and now by a full year in Ohio. And with renewed faith in God’s goodness, we look forward to the year (and years) to come.

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