Farewell Tour: Muiden and the Muiderslot

Muiden Excursion - Walk

We take the bakfiets from the school to the bus stop in the Watergraafsmeer… the bus from the Watergraafsmeer to the outskirts of Muiden… We walk through the picturesque village of Muiden to the city center… And then, off in the distance, our destination becomes visible: the Muiderslot Castle! It may be a multi-step process, but the whole thing only takes a half-hour or so. And as hopelessly touristic as it may sound (I’m guessing that most Amsterdammers have never taken the trouble to visit), our family has never been able to escape the wonder of living so close to such a fairy-tale setting.

Muiden Excursion

This week the kids and I made our “last” journey to Muiden and the Muiderslot for an afternoon of exploring and imagining ourselves as knights and princesses. They’ve really done a lot of work (even since we’ve lived here) to make it more kid-friendly — and Elliot, Olivia, and Cor love to dress up in medieval costumes (jesters, princesses, noblemen, etc.), play interactive games (jousting, defending the castle by dropping virtual stones on attackers, etc.), and just generally crawl around the towers of this 13th Century fortress.

Muiderslot Running

We’re going to miss the unique sense of history that’s captured in the various museums and monuments of the Netherlands. But we’ve been glad for the chance to experience them, while living here. Hopefully, the pictures will help us to remember these places more fully.

Muiderslot Jump 1

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