Farewell Tour: Life Group with Sean and Marco

Life Group

I had my last “Life Group” meeting with Sean and Marco this morning.

It’s called a “Life Group” because we’re intent on really delving into the deepest corners of our lives: our spiritual lives, our marriages, our careers, and our personal thought lives. We talk about the Bible and current events. We share our aspirations and our failures. We pray together. We know each other deeply and love each other intimately — and we’re man enough to admit it (knowing that it makes us that much manlier and that much better husbands for our wives when we can experience emotional intimacy in male friendship)!

Marco and I have been similarly involved in each other’s lives since 2004, when he was a university student and I was a fresh-off-the-boat missionary stumbling to learn Dutch and make friends. In very real and demonstrable ways, we’ve helped each other grow into different men than we were all those years ago… and we’ve had a lot of fun in the process. Sean has been a more recent edition to our group — but I also feel that I’ve learned a lot from him and genuinely benefitted from his involvement in my life. I’m going to dearly miss both of these brothers.

In any event, I’m extremely grateful for the time that God has allowed us to walk together, and I look forward to keeping in touch through the next phase of life. I’ll be interested to see how God keeps developing and using these quality men, in Amsterdam and beyond…

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