Farewell Tour: Cafe Winkel Appeltaart met K. Grit

Our family’s transition is becoming more real every day.

Winkel Appeltaart met K. Grit

This week, we started unloading some of our furniture and electrical appliances on Marktplaats.nl (the Craig’s List or e-Bay of the Netherlands), and the changes in our lives are becoming inescapable.

Consequently, I guess you could say that the farewell tour has begun. Just about everyday we’re experiencing special “last” experiences… And today — both gloriously and tragically — was the last koffie-verkeerd-en-appeltaart-met-slagroom at Cafe Winkel, together with my good friend Kor. The sunny terrace… the juicy appeltaart… the sharp taste of the coffee… the heartfelt conversation with my brilliant-yet-remarkably-personable friend… It was all so wonderful that it was awful.

Since my blogging has elements of a sort of personal electronic scrap-booking, I must prepare you that you’ll likely be seeing a lot more of this kind of post over the next few weeks: my “Farewell Tour.”

If you find it sickeningly-sentimental, well… tough.

If you find it interesting and enjoyable, well… Welcome along for the ride.

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