Behold! The Beloved, Biddable Coot!

Coot Close-Up 1

I’m going to miss the coots, after we leave Amsterdam.

I had never seen a coot before moving to the Netherlands, but for the last nine years sightings have been an everyday occurence. Coots make me think of a cross between a chicken and a duck. Their markings are mostly just plain, black and white, but they’re set apart by their red beady eyes and big blue feet. Their cry is like the horn of a bicycle, tapped briskly with the heel of one’s hand. They are humble little birds, but also a bit spunky. I can’t exactly say why, but I just feel that they are likeable creatures.

Coot Close-Up 2

Since I never remember seeing one in Ohio, I think I’m going to miss the coots. A minor miss, but still something I’ll miss. Ohio has beautiful cardinals and blue jays and robins, which will offset the loss… But there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the canalside coots of Amsterdam.

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