Summer in the Netherlands

Sintmaartensvlotbrug - Songs in the Sun 2

“The Dutch love summer,” a friend recently quipped. “They look forward to it all year long… and everyone just hopes that it happens to fall on a weekend.”

Sintmaartensvlotbrug - Beach Boys

I don’t know if this past weekend could really qualify as our summer — since the temperatures were still a bit chilly — but it definitely contained some of the most essential elements: sunshine, camping, picnicking, seaside sports, time with dear friends… and I was grateful for the experience.

Sintmaartensvlotbrug - Picnic Breakfast 2

In case you’re interested, there are a bunch of pictures from the weekend in the Amsterdam Pictures section of the website (even though the pictures were all taken in the vicinity of Sint Maartensvlotbrug, not Amsterdam).

Sintmaartensvlotbrug - Beach Football 1

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