Photographic Scavenger Tourism

Collage of Amsterdammertjes

I enjoy photographic collages. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s some sort of inductive aesthetic appreciation. Maybe it’s the way that it allows for such an immediate comparison / contrast. I honestly don’t know. But many of my favorite images that I’ve ever developed of Amsterdam have been in the form of collages which compile the imagery of several similar-yet-unique objects in one space.

Collage of Stair-Step Gables

So this week, with our kids on another school vacation, I took an afternoon with the kids to go on a photographic scavenger hunt. Eeach kid chose one object that they would search for, with the goal of grabbing enough pictures of those objects that we could make a photographic collage at the end of the hunt. Cor and I chose to look for various Amsterdammertjes (stone or metal pylons that prevent automobiles from accessing the sidewalks or bicycle paths). Olivia chose to look for various houses with stair-step gables. And Elliot chose to look for various instances of the number 23 (the number worn by his favorite basketball player when he played for his favorite team).

Collage of 23s

Pretty cool, huh? The coolest thing of all, though, was when we found a double-bonus: two houses with stair-step gables flanking a doorway offering entrance to the house located at street address #23A!

23 Stair-Step Gable Combo CE

If only there would have been an Amsterdammertje along the street in front of the house…

23 Stair-Step Gable Combo Close-Up CE

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