New Family Photos

Family on Bridge 320 - 8

We just received the results of our most recent family photo shoot with the incomparable Marco Pauws! I decided that I just couldn’t go to bed without posting a few of my first-glance favorites.

Family on Bridge 320 - 5

We’ll probably post the whole collection on Facebook eventually – but for now, the rest of the collection can be viewed in the Family Pictures section of the website.

Cor on Bridge 320 - 2 Elliot on Halfpipe 1

I especially love the way that Marco can capture our children.

Olivia on Swings 5

Really, though, all of the pictures turned out absolutely lovely.

Eric and Marci in the Garden 3

Family at De Lepelaar 3

Kids on Halfpipe 2

I’m fully convinced that Marco (and his wife / business partner Claudia) will go on to become some of the most sought-after portrait photographers in the world — which will make this photo collection all the more valuable.

Kids with Marco 4

The greatest value of all, however, is having Marco as a part of our family. Thanks for your wonderful work, my friend!

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