Freshly Shorn

I can understand how some people would feel a sense of pity when looking at a freshly-shorn sheep — maybe even sympathetic shame at the animal’s sudden sense of nakedness. But putting myself in the place of that sheep, I think the moment after a shearing would be my favorite moment, when my ovine joy would be at its peak. Personally, I just love the feeling of freshly-clipped fingernails, freshly-clipped toenails, a freshly-shaved face, and a freshly-cut head of hair. It feels like a moment of rebirth. A fresh start in the world.

Today is one of those days where I’ve got it all except for the haircut. Isn’t it funny how such a random set of circumstances can change my perception of an otherwise random, dreary, mid-winter Wednesday? Today I’m thankful for little moments of awesomeness like this.

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