Family of Colleagues

GCM-NL Staff Day - Group Portrait, with Balloons

One of my colleagues is getting married and moving on from her day-to-day responsibilities with our ministry here in Amsterdam, so we decided to mark the occasion with a special Staff Day. The celebration started at the end of the school day, when the team greeted our kids with balloons and cheers.

GCM-NL Staff Day - Patricia and Cor

After balloons were distributed and affixed to each bicycle in our group, we loaded up and biked to a local bowling alley to spend the afternoon goofing off together.

GCM-NL Staff Day - Bowling

My team lost (who knew that Marci, Linda, and Naomi were such bowling sharks?!?), but we still had a really good time together.

GCM-NL Staff Day - Losing Team

After bowling, then, we all rode back to our family’s home and enjoyed a lovely dinner together — followed by lounging about and having some deeper conversation. It really ended up being a lovely day.

GCM-NL Staff Day - Music and Lounging

To me, the whole experience underscored the point that we’re not just colleagues; we’re family. We know and appreciate each other deeply, after having experienced much joy and sorrow together over the past decade of working together. I could never completely explain the connection in words — but somehow the pictures from our time together help to capture the beauty of this “Family of Colleagues” (a greater collection of images can be accessed in the Family Pictures section of the website). God has given us a tremendous gift with this group of friends / sisters / colleagues.

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