Poll Regarding Awaken 2010

I just found out that, as of yesterday, the location of the next Awaken conference has been changed to SPAIN!  That’s right – our friends in Spain found a conference center north of Madrid, a place in the mountains that is clean and new, with a meeting hall that is a bit smaller than last year’s, a price that is pretty reasonable, and in a country that we as a group have never visited.  Olé!!

With this new change in location comes a decision – this conference center is available both BEFORE and AFTER the New Year, and some help is needed to decide which time would be best.  I was asked by the leaders of GC-Europe to take a quick survey of Amsterdammers regarding the following question: 



So what do you think (and please, only answer if you’ve actually got a reasonable chance to be involved in the conference)?  I’ve tried to make a response as easy as possible for you, allowing for interaction with just one click of the mouse.  Thanks in advance for your help in figuring this out!

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