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nablo1108.120x240Today is the first month of the NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month).  And I have to say that I’m looking forward to November more than I have in a very long time (which is, of course, one of my goals for this project).

I don’t want to belabor or bemoan the point too much — but typically, November is difficult month for me.  Sunlight deprivation, crummy weather, homesickness, and sad memories always seem to get to me at this time of the year.  But instead of just waiting for the sadness and darkness to roll over me this month, I’m running to attack the “dragon” head on — and hopefully slay the vile lizard of seasonal depression.  Primarily, I’m hoping to do this through blogging (which is a fun hobby for me) — and specifically blogging with an eye toward the beautiful, bright, hopeful, and joyful parts of this time of the year.  The Joys of November, if you will…

In America, I could tell you that November is fun because of the Ohio State – Michigan football game and celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and building up to the Christmas season.  But here, they don’t play (American) football.  They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.  And gearing up for Christmas before Sinterklaas is strictly verboden (not by law, but definitely by cultural convention).  So… it would seem that I’ve got to search for my “Joys of November” elsewhere, while I’m living here in the Netherlands.  I’m sure there are some of these things out there, somewhere.  But I realize that I’m going to have to actively go out looking for them.  And since I feel that this forum (blogging) will help me to stay faithful to this pursuit, I’m bringing all of you (the people who are reading this blog) along with me.

Just so you know, all my posting for the month will continue here, on this blog, at this web address — so you don’t have to do anything to follow my progress other than you’d usually do.  The NaBloPoMo thing is just a means of registering for a list of bloggers who are trying to do the same every-day blogging thing and gaining the chance to win some (pretty silly and largely insignificant) prizes in the process.  At any rate, in case you’re curious, this is the description that I wrote up for my NaBloPoMo profile:

I’m an American Amsterdammer deliberately searching for the Joys of November. I’ve found that November is typically the hardest month of the year for me, living at 52 degrees and 22 minutes north of the Equator — so I’m participating in the NaBloPoMo for the first time, as a means of hopefully forcing myself to examine the small, significant moments of joy in an otherwise dreary time of year.

Should be fun, huh?  Thanks for reading and joining the adventure with me!   If any of you have any great ideas about a particular Joy of November that could be found here in Amsterdam, please let me know… And we’ll see how things go from here…

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