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Here, you can find a number of helpful links, to explain more about the past, present, and/or future of our ministry in Kent:

H2O – Kent (

Our church in Kent, Ohio

In its own words: H2O is a church for your journey. No matter where you find yourself in the journey to uncover spiritual truth, we would love to have you join us. We unashamedly pursue a relationship with the God of the Bible, and we believe that journey will ultimately lead you to Jesus Christ…

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Kent State University (

The home page for Kent State University, where h2o Kent is located.

In its own words: Today, Kent State has become an engine for economic, cultural and workforce development locally and internationally as one of the premiere Ohio universities…

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Reliant Mission (

My employer since 1999

In its own words: Reliant creates church communities for the next generation, mobilizes missions worldwide, and provides leadership development opportunities. Their purpose is to help fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission by creating and networking churches for the next generation around the world…

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H2O – Bowling Green (

The church in which I was involved when I first really started to follow God; this church also helped to establish Amsterdam50 in the Netherlands and H2O in Kent.

In its own words: H2O is a university organization and church designed for college students on the campus of BGSU and in the city of Bowling Green. We seek to creatively communicate the timeless message of the Bible that has changed millions of lives over thousands of years. Whether you are thirsty for a college church or searching for answers to spiritual questions, check out H2O and experience the Living Water…

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Great Commission Europe (

The European-based association of churches with which Amsterdam50 is affiliated, and with which my ongoing involvement with church coaching, short-term missions, and missionary recruitment is coordinated.

In its own words: GCE currently has churches in 8 European countries…

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