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My best friend says I’m wrong. “You’re not an introvert,” he says, even though I’ve self-identified as such for most of my life. (The most basic definition of an introvert is a person who gains energy from being alone and … Continue reading

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Beloved Brothers

Shopping for groceries… Sharing the gospel… Applying for jobs… Falling in love… Saving for retirement… Negotiating purchase agreements and employment contracts… Raising children… Officiating weddings and funerals… Getting suits tailored… Maintaining fitness as our bodies age… Leading churches in Bowling … Continue reading

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To Olivia, on the Occasion of Her 12th Birthday

Dear Olivia, You’ve probably noticed me organizing our family photographic archives recently. I mean, how could you not notice me, camped out at our family’s desktop computer, blocking you from access to the latest YouTube episode of Good Mythical Morning?!? … Continue reading

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