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The Ungrateful Refugee

I just finished reading Dina Nayeri’s book, The Ungrateful Refugee. It was published around this time last year, and it’s been on my list for even longer than that. The subject matter — refugee resettlement in Europe and North America — is … Continue reading

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Masking for a Friend

I try really hard to dismiss judgmental thoughts toward others. But the truth is: I’m not very good at it. One person is masked and gloved and extra-vigilant for anyone stepping within a 10′ radius. And I think: “What’s up … Continue reading

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Asking for a Friend

Society is opening up again, for better or worse. Still, it’s unclear exactly what to expect with this whole COVID-19 situation. For better or worse, the virus feels less dangerous right now. One recent study seems to suggest that infection … Continue reading

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Strange Season for Seniors

Elliot gave a speech for his high school commencement ceremony from our Living Room this morning. We recorded it on a smartphone and then uploaded to Google Drive for review by a teacher. If approved (and selected from other submissions), … Continue reading

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