Elliot’s Senior Portraits


We recently completed the process of shooting Elliot’s senior portraits, and we’re thrilled with how they all turned out.


Our friend Jana was the photographer, but hiring her for the job wasn’t just a case of nepotism. She’s a legitimate professional, and she made this an incredibly positive experience for all of us.


We took pictures in three different places around Kent, with each location featuring a wardrobe change.


Each scene captured a different aspect of Elliot. He’s handsome in a suit, ready to study business at a university starting next year. In addition to that side of him, though, he’s also an enthusiastic athlete, who loves soccer and basketball. He’s a social butterfly, always making friends wherever he goes.


He’s a good kid, and we’re proud of the way he’s turning out. That was never in question. Still, it takes some skill and luck to reveal a person’s inner qualities through portraiture.

In addition to the three “scenes” in Kent, we also had the privilege of shooting two times in the Rocky Mountains this summer. We’ve spent three of Elliot’s four high school summers in Estes Park, for my work, so it felt appropriate to include some portraits from there as well.

When I was getting ready to graduate from high school, it was customary to print out a few dozen wallet-sized photographs to include with graduation announcements and hand out to friends in one’s graduating class. But I don’t know if that’s as common these days.

Even if the pictures are just for us, though, I’m glad we took the time and paid the money to capture this season of transition in our son’s life. In case you do want to see more pictures, though, you can see the full gallery of Elliot’s senior portraits at Jana’s site.

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