Preparing for the New School Year

I keep wanting to say “Happy New Year!” even though we’re more than seven months into 2019. The reason for this is because it’s time to prepare for a new school year… But seriously, in collegiate ministry, this time of the year feels like a bigger transition point than the end of the calendar year.

Accountants are busy in April… Retailers are busy in December… Campus missionaries are busy in August.

A group from H2O Kent traveled to Bowling Green this weekend for a conference with three other H2O churches — all geared towards emotional, spiritual, and logistical preparation for this strategic time of the year. H2O Bowling Green calls their event the Blitz Conference, whereas I still prefer the more neighborly terminology of “Welcome Week,” but our hearts are similarly motivated to make the most of the opportunities for ministry that will come up in the next couple of weeks.

It was fun to regroup with many of our core members who have been scattered for the summer. It was encouraging to share some of the ways that we feel God may be moving our church for the coming season of ministry — and to see our enthusiasm reflected in our student-leaders.

It seems like we have a lot of reason to be hopeful for the new year.

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