Father’s Day Celebration with some Twin Sisters

Wild Hikers

It’s Father’s Day! My father and my sons are 1,263 miles away, in Ohio, and my daughter had to work today, with the Housekeeping Department of the YMCA of the Rockies. But this didn’t actually make me all that sad. Marci and I worked out plans ahead of time to observe the occasion later this week, when we’re all together as a family again. Instead, I spent the better part of today hiking a two-peaked mountain, called Twin Sisters, in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

I was accompanied by three students from H2O Kent: Marissa, Delaney, and Peter. They were wonderful hiking companions, even though this was their first hike above tree-line and their first summit hike.

The weather forecast indicated some threat for rain and thunderstorms, but we made it to the summit and back without getting wet at all. In fact, we hiked under blue skies and golden sunshine for most of the morning.

I wish the rest of my family could have been with me, of course, but the experience on Twin Sisters genuinely filled my soul, with a special appreciation for my Heavenly Father. And as an added bonus, the top of the mountain provided enough cellular signal for me to leave a voicemail for my Dad and catch up with Marci and the boys for a few minutes before it was time to finish our hike.

I’d say it ended up being a pretty happy Father’s Day.

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