Christian Community in Stockholm

After a couple full days of outreach in the refugee communities on the outer rim of Stockholm, today offered a change of pace: hanging out with Christian friends in Stockholm’s city center.

We started the morning by worshipping with a group of Swedish believers called Korskyrkan. I’ve had several interactions with people from Korskyrkan (“Cross Church”) over the last four years, but I never got the chance to experience one of their worship gatherings until today.

They made headsets available to us with English translation of everything that was said from the stage, and I really appreciated the glimpse into the pastor’s heart from his teaching out of the Book of Acts. But my favorite aspect of their worship gathering was the creative, interactive stations of worship that were made available to the congregation towards the end of the time together. In one part of the room, I could pray for missionaries sent out by Korskyrkan… In another part of the room, I could practice the spiritual discipline of grief by writing out some of my recent discouragements, rolling the paper up, and stuffing it into a hole in a brick wall… In still another part of the room, I could receive prayer.

It was a beautiful time of connecting with God and His people, and it reminded me a lot of my church-planting days in Amsterdam, where we also employed more creative, interactive worship experiences.

After the worship gathering, we joined the people of Korskyrkan for fika (coffee + snacks) in a large, open room next to their sanctuary. It was good to meet some of the other people from the church and process the things we experienced over the preceding hour.

After worship and fika, we toured Stockholm with our old friends, Aidan and Chelsea. These friends are from Kent but are now working with Korskyrkan in Stockholm. And together, we got to eat an amazing lunch at a specialty salad bar… climb to the top of a large hill in the middle of the city… visit the Stockholm Library (see if you can spot Lauren taking a picture of Daniel taking a picture of Halle in the picture above)… and have more fika in a lovely Stockholm coffee bar.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when our team will all take the opportunity to further process all our experiences up to this point. For now, though, it’s good to look back on all the pictures and record some brief reflections.

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