Prom 2019

Elliot went to his first prom this weekend. It wasn’t an enchanted evening of magic and romance — like the Hollywood movies about high school would suggest — but it was a good experience, all the same.

Prom Close-Ups

I’m proud of the way Elliot navigated the social, emotional, spiritual, and practical elements of Prom Weekend. He played the part of the gentleman, towards his date, and towards the rest of the group. Still, he also found fun amidst the formality: mimicking dance moves from the mail-room scene in Elf, in a circle at the event… playing games with his friends afterwards… making the most of a memorable occasion.

Prom Close-Ups

He’s growing up beautifully. They all are. Like flowers blossoming and lifting from the earth, it’s amazing to watch adolescents act more and more like adults. It’s one of the privileges of parenthood to stand around and take pictures of the process unfolding.

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